What a joy it is to find right words for the right occasion” (Proverbs 15:23) I have never particularly liked publishing what we do. I tend to find our work too personal and a little sentimental. But if anything deserves mention, it is about the community of Maryhill High School where I shepherd.

And so when reading this article, you may between the lines see yourself in the story, illustration or situation. if you have not been mentioned don't be discouraged, it could be the mercy of God!

Today our chaplaincy is meeting the overwhelming challenge of foster parenting, not that our community is corporately orphaned, but that there is a growing revelation of insecurity and even a rejection complex among our adolescent student population. We are gradually uncovering an enormous credibility gap between what the parents ought to do, and what they actually do, where the majorities are involved. Some because of their 'tight schedules' devote no time at all to the children, and others are displacing their personal anger on the innocent children, sometimes after mental disappointments, some are just too unfriendly to be true, others have failed to give God their children, plus... as a result, some of the children have sought their own group who do not know what they believe in others have moved or left quietly to the edge of things, feelings hopelessly let down disillusioned, hurt and some what lost. Others believe that, “you have kissed your brains goodbye if you claim to have a personal relationship with God” They are utterly confused.

Making people smile at themselves is no easy task, especially when you have to give credit for the outlook on life which has been shaped by so many friendships, incidents, experiences and challenges. Yet there is always a constant need to have an insight in the things that should not divide God's people.

And so when reading this article, you may between the lines see yourself in the story, illustration or situation. if you have not been mentioned don't be discouraged, it could be the mercy of God!

Such is sadly the public face of our modern families. but there are deeper issues behind this image. The efforts of this departure from the authentic ideal parenting as it has been viewed down through the years, are now creeping not only across the face, but behind the heart of the community dimensions and breaking lives. I suppose by now I have already offended some individuals, but if our efforts merely consists of goodwill, religious concepts and strategy to offend nobody, then whatever else it is, it has little to do with the truth that we stand for, irrespective of whether our present life is related to the cause of that hope. Where to now?

Where as it is risky to abandon our security blankets in order to penetrate the lives of others, our option is not to sit back and do nothing, rather to be generous with our time and compassion to love, identify need and create deep impression among people for change. Our goal is to live with in the balance of freedom and complete openness, so that we can help our young generation to allow people inside themselves to see who they are, with their plans and problems, as well as successes. By this and through our spiritual and psychological counseling ministry, we want to heal things that prevent joy and beauty, freedom and justice.

We also try to encourage a life which demonstrates that only two things in this life matter that is God and people. and so through careful and sensitive efforts to reconstruct the broken lives of our student populace, we hope that the rewards will infiltrate their different families so that we gradually regain those ideal families whose lives demonstrate holiness, responsibility, obedience and a sense of priority.

More so although often in our lives we feel that circumstances are a complete mystery to us, and often let doubts creep into our minds as to why certain things should happen, experience has taught me that, "all things work together to those who love God" (Romans 8:28) There have been hundreds of fully validated cases of healing of persons in this community by spiritual means when other more conventional means have failed. Others have benefited from sponsorship of several kinds, regardless of their faith affiliations, while others have continued to benefit from the charity initiative of the chaplaincy to minimize the vast economic gap of the students; in terms of availing basic needs to disadvantaged students, such as soap, sanitary wear and in some cases, even school uniforms, among others. The chaplaincy is also working to help the community appreciate that even with the struggles, God can make a difference. He has called us special to be very special people and our stories, our lives are a testimony of HIS goodness and His forgiveness. We do this through conducting termly spiritual retreats that are sensitive to the specific and general needs of the community. Here we enable people to express their insights, concerns, personalities without stifling their their gifts or allowing for manipulation. Thus, we do not aim to build ecclesiastical name for personal significance, but rather, allow our students to acquire a sense of belonging and personal security that they desire, by creating for them an enabling environment to ask questions and draw worthy conclusions.
Rev. Fr. Charles Tumusiime


“Domine Dirige Nos” directs all the Maryhill fraternity to call upon the Almighty God to lead, Guide, and direct us make the right choices in all we do. By living up to thus motto, all who have passed through Maryhill those still here and those yet to come are expected to be a light of the nation on the hill.


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