Maryhill High is home a way from home where every student comes to share with others and to enjoy the values to education while having the best out of our services.

Students at Maryhill by 6.00 am students are awake so as to enable them do thier personal preparations for the day before 6.45am. This enable our students to go for morning Mass on daily basis which normally starts at 7.00am.

Thereafter students move to the dining hall for their breakfast at 7.30am where they go and take either Milk tea or porridge to enable them concentrate during morning lessons before having their break at around 10:30 am. Students use these thirty- minutes break time to refresh, and visit different canteens for some eats ( normally: buns, pop-corns, yellow-banana, to mention but a few). At the same time staff members also take some tea in the staff room.

Morning assemblies are compulsory and daily at 8:00am except Fridays where students normally assemble in the main hall (St. George) for a week's events reviews and headteacher's remarks.

House work is done before 8.00am and Classes begin at 8.15am (or 8.50am in case of Fridays) and run to 10.30am.

Lessons resume from 11.00am to 12.40Pm thereafter the students go for their lunch in shifts (Shift one: 12.40pm to 1:20pm Shift 2: 1.20pm to 2.00pm). Dormitories are all opened at this time to allow students take a 'mind rest' and relax before the afternoon lesson begin.

Afternoon lessons end at 5.00pm. At this time, students go for evening refreshments which includes the millet porridge which is served in dining, some students go for showers whereas others join the sports ground, indoor games, surfing, calling parents, drawing pocket money, charting, consultations with subject and or class teachers and so on.

Every Wednesday at 2:00pm, students hold Class meetings with their Class Teachers to discuss issues relating to their academics and discipline. Every Thursday at 5.00pm, students do compound cleaning, Labs and Library hence the clean environment.

Supper is served at 8.00pm, in an hours time and night prep starts. Students at Maryhill observe study time, perpetrators normally face disciplinary action.
Night preps end with closing prayers at 10.00pm when Girls and Teachers on duty retire for the day. However, some girls extend their reading to 11.00pm. Lights are switched off at 11.00pm.

In all, the days are normally occupied all day through and this is an expected routine which has helped our students (girls) to concentrate more, perform better and celebrate their success.


“Domine Dirige Nos” directs all the Maryhill fraternity to call upon the Almighty God to lead, Guide, and direct us make the right choices in all we do. By living up to thus motto, all who have passed through Maryhill those still here and those yet to come are expected to be a light of the nation on the hill.


"Holistic education for the girl child empowerment"


"To provide quality education the girl child with sound academic, spiritual and social economic principles necessary for international competitiveness.."


“To Promote All Round Discipline Through Hard work and Co-operation” This Leads To Success.

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